Welcome to the Leone Chiropractic Wellness Library. In these videos we discuss various problems you may be experiencing, and how chiropractic can eliminate those problems.

What Causes Allergies?

Learn more about the varying degrees of allergies, toxification of the body due to food or medications, histamine production, and detoxification.

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True Family Wellness

We welcome the whole family into our office to address problems with our "chiropractic first" philosophy. We'll keep each member of your family educated on their health and well adjusted!

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Saving Money with Dr. Leone

How can chiropractic actually help me save money? Preventative habits and staying well adjusted are just a few of the topics I'll cover in this video.

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Primary Care Family Doctor with Dr. Leone

In this video I explain why I think it is important to have a chiropractor as your primary care family doctor.

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Pediatric and Pregnancy

Learn why it's so important to be well adjusted throughout pregnancy and the early stages of life for your little ones.

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My Back Doesn't Hurt!

Although we can address pain, that isn't always the reason people visit us. Don't wait until you're in pain to make an appointment. Remember, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' with Leone Family Chiropractic!

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Two Types of Chiropractors

Learn about Symptom-based vs. Corrective Family Wellness philosophies of my profession.

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I CAN afford it

"I can't afford chiropractic care" is something I hear often. In this video, I help to break down that stigma and talk about priorities.

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