My Chiropractic Journey

I grew up in a central California farming town which is very similar to Springfield. My dad was a naval aviator, which caused us to move around a lot subsequently making it a valuable skill to get to know people very quickly and know no strangers.

In my youth I dealt with a chronic condition called Ulcerative Colitis. At around 12 years old, I visited my uncle who was a chiropractor, and he worked on me. My condition went away, after many years with medical doctors not having success. It was during that time I knew that I wanted to become a chiropractor and help people in that same way my uncle helped me. After I finished chiropractic school, I started my first practice with my uncle in Tacoma, Washington.

About a year prior to graduating and moving, I met my wife in California. She was in the Navy and living in San Diego. She transferred to Washington to join me just after we got married. We had two of our daughters, Summer and Autumn, while we lived in Washington. After practicing for about four years there we had a strong desire to move back to Illinois so that we could be closer to my wife's family. When we moved back to Springfield in 2004, we opened Leone Family Chiropractic.

My other two daughters Spring and Winter were born in Springfield. We found an amazing church family at Southern View Chapel and continue to serve families and the Lord in Springfield. I always knew I wanted to have a very different practice, making care available to whole families and working exclusively with whole families to keep them well and healthy. I knew that I wanted to serve families as their primary care doctor in most situations allowing them to utilize chiropractic first for most of their health concerns and keeping themselves healthy. I thank the Lord every day for an amazing wife, fantastic family, and church family that loves and cherishes us.

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